Having spent the good part of the last three years looking at nanotechnology investments and working with state ( and federal goverments on promulgating the real economic benefits of nanotechnology, not as the ‘new new thing’ but as sustainable businesses with products, markets and services with real economic impact to capital creation and job creation, I believe that only early incremental gains with proven business results will attract additional capital. Very little political support exists to facilitate this on a national or state level. I am much more impressed with early gains made in Europe toward commericialization of nanotechnology.

I would take exception to the ‘targeting’ of specific technologies and nurturing them to the exclusion of all else. I have seen that approach result in other technologies pushed aside for what was scientifically-speaking ‘politically’ expedient and resulted in underfunding of other technologies with significant promise.

Almost nothing works better than the free market, entrepreneurship with appropriate private capital at risk to align interests and create success.